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So I have a question guys… should I make a tumblr for my themes? I mean, at the moment, I only set up an Ettudis tumblr site for people to ask questions and make comments but should I release tumblr themes on it? The reason why I originally didn’t want it is because I wanted the themes to be an extension of my site, but if I make it a tumblr site, it would become seperate… does that make sense?

Like, I found that many people are just linking directly (in reblogs and stuff) towards my tumblr theme page, not my actual site homepage. And I feel that if I just completely move all my themes to a tumblr site, they will just completely ignore my site… so yes, the main point of this topic is how I want to direct traffic to my site.

Anyhow, I need suggestions. Making a tumblr site for my themes would popularize my themes but de-popularize my graphic site. In other words, traffic will be directed mostly to the tumblr site instead of my site. In a way, I don’t want that because my site is my priority.

I dunno. I’m thinking, of maybe post tumblr previews on the tumblr site, but have them direct back to the main site. But that’s soooo complicated.  I mean, as a visitor, I would hate that. gahhhh *tears out hair* I don’t know what to do!!!!!!

On a side note, sorry if I have been neglecting my actual site comments. I’ve been somewhat busy and lazy on replying to people. But I have answered any questions regarding tumblr themes HERE.

EDIT: Also, if I did make a tumblr for my themes, I could also post some “found” resources, and direct more questions there. Like, the whole set up would be nice.


  1. Comment by Amber — August 6, 2011 @ 10:13 am

    I think you should keep your themes on Ettudis :)! While it may be true that people discover your themes via Tumblr, the same people who discover you from Tumblr will probably keep coming back to your site directly from your site rather than having to go through reblogs after reblogs to return to your themes. I honestly don’t like the idea of people putting separate Tumblrs for their themes because I’ve came across SO MANY TUMBLRS that completely disregard the disclaimer and creator’s information by removing the credits and leaving it in like, a little corner of one of their pages for people to look for. And the only reason why I was able to spot out whether some Tumblrs actually made their theme or not is by viewing the page source. So I think Ettudis makes the entire Tumblr theme spectrum look more professional. Besides, I love Ettudis so much. I visit it on a daily basis. THERE IS NO REASON WHY EVERYONE ELSE SHOULDN’T BE. Your site is like billions of pixels of graphic galore :).

  2. Comment by ida — August 8, 2011 @ 8:18 am

    i think you should keep your tumblr themes on your site, i think you’ll gain more traffic then and it’s sometimes hard to find the creator of a theme among thousands of reblogs and notes.

    i think it was a good idea though to make a tumblr site with your visitors questions and your answers (: a direct link from your tumblr to your page with tumblr themes on your site would be just as good as all of the themes on tumblr.

    i do not think you should worry about your traffic though, your site is amazing, and i know a lot of people visits because of more than your tumblr themes. i know i visit you about every day just to see if you’ve updated with more gorgeous graphics (:

    thank you so much for your nice words! <3 i'm doing great, thanks for asking. i'm enjoying summer as much as i can since i'm back at school again soon. how are you doing?

  3. Comment by Jena — August 10, 2011 @ 3:54 pm

    I think just doing previews would be good, cause I loooove your site. You always offer me some sort of inspiration 🙂

  4. Comment by Danielle — August 11, 2011 @ 7:50 pm

    I think you could make a Tumblr site, as well as leaving the themes on here, so that they are available for everyone 🙂

    By the way, this layout is just beautiful! You have such a talent for this.

  5. Comment by saya — August 22, 2011 @ 9:10 am

    hihi, being able to follow you would be awesome ^^~ like the other person said. previews and maybe Q&A’s on tumblr? and you can just direct them here for codes and whatnot.?

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