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batch of 23 lovely icons

It’s like the SSMU (Student Society of McGill University) keeps bombarding us with activities. Tomorrow is frosh (a huge 3-day fest of drinking, partying, activities and such) right after my classes… and the last couple days have been full of orientations, workshops and moving-in-and-must-get-everything-settled-type-events. Nevertheless, I managed to updated with a few icons, and had to show them off in this blog… apparently, we get free wi-fi for a couple of weeks (until September 13) and then, they will cut it off. So, well, yeah… gosh, I’m exhausted. But Montreal is a very gorgeous city.

Don’t worry! I read everybody’s comments… thank you all for them. Those that require a longer, more thought-out answers… I will reply to them next week, seeing as this weekend will be me+beer+chatting lots+activities+being exhausted.


open hiatus: school time :'(

School is starting for me, it’s my first year (undergraduate) at university so I dunno how things will go; a lot of adjustments need to happen.  I’m flying to Montreal on Thursday and moving into the dorm on Sunday, thus, I will be super busy and most likely will not update the site at all… I’ll probably only visit to check up on things… I might not even have time to reply.

The problem is that my dorm doesn’t offer complimentary wi-fi/internet… I have to pay extra $400 CDN for a whole year, which is a lot. I only have internet access on campus and so I think, the time I spend on Ettudis might diminish a bit. I’ll keep everyone updated on how things go, but at the moment, I don’t think I’ll have much time to comment, fix things etc etc. Thus, the “hiatus: a little break” sign… just a catchy header to tell everyone I won’t be back for a while. But thanks everyone for visiting!