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finally done!

Yay! Finally finished putting it up. Oh my goodness, that took a long time because I was trying to figure out how to undo auto-formatting for quotations on wordpress (I know, such a basic thing and I never figured it out until today). So now, if you copy and paste codes from my tutorials, they should most definitely work!

Which brings me to the next point, I have some spiffy HTML/CSS tutorials for everyone! Well, if you follow my tumblr and theme tumblelog, you probably already know all about it. But anyhow, just want to promo it and please take a look and comment!

So, I’m actually quite sick and I am currently bedridden… I don’t want to study… so all I did today was go on tumblr, answer theme questions, recode some tumblr themes and finish putting up version 17. And yesterday, I watched the Matrix and a whole bunch of nigahiga videos. OMG, they were so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing and giggling (in between coughs)… my roommate thought I was going crazy or something… I dunno, those vids are more silly funny than witty funny but it was just perfect for my lightheaded, dead brain.

As well, I am seriously addicted/obsessed with tumblr. It’s the most beautiful thing on the net… I love the people I follow and all the inspiration they give me (: come check mine out.

Anyhow, uni life is going well, apart from being miserably sick. My roommate and I decided to split the bill for the internet fees so now it’s 25$ per month instead of 50$. I love my roommate, we get along really well. Tonight, my friends and I are going to watch Pulp Fiction~ super excited! I’ve never watched it before but I heard it’s good.

Speaking of movies, one Japanese movies that I’ve watched recently and LOVED is Confessions (Kokuhaku). The narrative was very unique. The cinematography was just beautiful and artistic. It was a horror, psychological thriller, a touch of romance and mystery jumbled into one. The summaries and trailers seriously fail  to capture its true essence.

I highly recommend it. Although the film contains some cultural aspects that those who’s not familiar with the Japanese culture may find alarming or incomprehensible, it was still a brilliant film. My suggestions is to approach it with an open mind. It holds a much more emotional, deep and beautiful atmosphere, more so than your usual horror, thriller or mystery.

Here is a music video which I thought captured the beauty of the film much better than the trailer although many parts are revealed (the trailer makes me want to *facepalm*).

since my last post, I’ve updated with:

– new PSD
– two new tumblr themes
– two tutorials


batch of 23 lovely icons

It’s like the SSMU (Student Society of McGill University) keeps bombarding us with activities. Tomorrow is frosh (a huge 3-day fest of drinking, partying, activities and such) right after my classes… and the last couple days have been full of orientations, workshops and moving-in-and-must-get-everything-settled-type-events. Nevertheless, I managed to updated with a few icons, and had to show them off in this blog… apparently, we get free wi-fi for a couple of weeks (until September 13) and then, they will cut it off. So, well, yeah… gosh, I’m exhausted. But Montreal is a very gorgeous city.

Don’t worry! I read everybody’s comments… thank you all for them. Those that require a longer, more thought-out answers… I will reply to them next week, seeing as this weekend will be me+beer+chatting lots+activities+being exhausted.