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theivery; a tumblr theme copied v.15 menu bar

So I wasn’t going to do this but I’m a bit too upset to not say anything about it. I usually like to deal with “stealing” privately and not make a huge fuss out of it but this is a bit… I dunno. I just want to bring this into light. Basically, I came across someone who had copied my menu bar effect from version 15 (used the codes as base) for their public tumblr theme (aka. the tumblr theme with MY menu bar is available for use).

The menu bar took me many days and nights of sweat and stress and hair-falling-out before I got it right and perfect. I take pride in knowing that the menu bar was pretty damn original (I mean, after my years of browsing around, I haven’t seen anyone make something like it). I guess I’m pretty possessive of the effect because I would be positively angry if I saw anyone do the same thing (EVEN if they figured it out themselves after they saw mine). I know I shouldn’t feel that way, I mean, I’m probably not the *original* but still~ I want to, like, put a copyright on it or something.

Maybe I should just… I dunno, write a tutorial for it, make some themes including it (I am actually halfway in the process of making one but it got interrupted by my priority/OCD-need to make a new site layout).

I mean, inspiration does NOT equal *oh this is cool, I want to use it, so let’s copy*. When I saw this cool sidebar effect on a theme by atmosthemes, I immediately knew (how to go about coding it) and wanted to code something like it. But then, after some contemplation, I know I shouldn’t. I respect Aleeza, her themes are amazing and copying her (even if I didn’t use her codes) would be absolutely unoriginal and disrespectful. I mean, sure, its hard to know the original source of an idea on the internet, but her idea was original, and I ain’t gonna steal from that.

Anyhow, I just hope that person messages me back ASAP (and maturely about that matter) otherwise, I won’t get a good night’s rest tonight.


la-la-lada-la ~ version 16

Okay, so wasn’t really what I originally planned… but it doesn’t look so bad does it? I only like the header, and the purple navigation. Otherwise, it’s kinda… meh. And I’ve organized everything (especially the tumblr and tutorial page) so that it’s much more efficient and accessible. Anyhow, I stayed up late setting everything up and answering a couple questions about tumblr photosets and other fun stuff and now, I’m super tired so I think I’m going to go sleep.

Anyhow, since my last post, I’ve actually updated… a lot.

tutorial on CSS smooth drop-down menu
2 texture pattern set
2 new tumblr themes
re-coded tumblr theme 01 and 05
added an alternate version for tumblr theme 13
added infinite scrolling for tumblr theme 13 version 2, theme 14 version 2 and theme 10