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wordpress got hacked

PREVIOUSLY… WHAT HAPPENED?Apparently. according to my host, quite a number of people got hacked but thank goodness it is only the index page that was affected, though now I can’t log-in to my wordpress so I’m trying to figure everything out with my host. Thanks for your patience. Hopefully, I’ll get the index back up by tomorrow. I actually need to deal with many things today because I just got a new roommate! So I need to go duplicate keys, buy stuff and other things like that.

As you can see, it’s all fixed now and hopefully, it won’t happen again. Well, other than that, I have been busy and there’s many updates! So check those out 🙂 I’m going to see if I have some time to start working on the next design for this site. But I’m not sure seeing as I have two design projects to work on and school is starting soon so I don’t know if I should invest the effort and energy. And then, I will try to keep designing on the down-low since I REALLY NEED TO FOCUS ON SCHOOL this semester.

4 tumblr themes
14 100×100 icons
4 textures


knock out

1 tumblr theme
2 wallpapers

I’ve gotten so lazy. I have no desire to answer questions or respond to messages, oh gosh, this is what summer does to me! I’ll try my best to get my butt back into the game. Though all these trips to places isn’t helping. I’m going to Hualien (the east coast of Taiwan) on Monday and I’m having a sleepover at my friend’s house tomorrow. PLUS, I’m getting my ears pierced today… I’m excited about the prospect of buying cute earrings. I’m super content with how life is right now.

I suddenly got into a good graphics mood today though and made 2 wallpapers featuring Big Bang members, gosh, they look so perfect. One of my favourite korean bands of ALL TIME, they’re the first korean band I fell in love with and they were who introduced me to kpop. Below is the first song that caught my attention, it’s one of my favourites though I have MANY favourites.