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Hello there, long time no see. I got around to making a new design for Ettudis, and a number of updates. Summer vacation has already started for me (I’m in Taiwan, and oh god, it is so hot but so much good food and things to do!), so I’m taking things slowly and relaxing. I feel really rusty! I haven’t made much graphics in so long, I kind-of miss it. This version took a while to come out, I made a lot of drafts before finally settling on this design.

You’ll notice there are two matching page designs, and I wasn’t so sure about doing that, but I already designed it and all so why not. I’m slowly going to be updating some stuff. Tumblr business is booming and icons are easy to make so I usually work on those things the most. Though, I’m hoping to maybe update with some textures and tutorials.

Is there anything you guys would like to see? (I really need the feedback!) JUST COMMENT ABOUT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING (including this version, do you like it?)

Eh… I don’t know what else to talk about. I feel like this website has started to become less personal because I don’t interact with my visitors as much on this. I spend most of my time on tumblr now (4+ blogs, otl). SO FOLLOW ETTUDIS ON TUMBLR!

Also, commissions are now open, please visit Quaero Quero for more details on how to order.



OK GUYS THERE IS EXACTLY A WEEK LEFT BEFORE MY EXAMS ARE OVER AND I LEAVE FOR TAIWAN. I AM SO EFFIN’ STOKED! The time I will be spending in the airport as I wait for my flight is VERY long, I will utilize that time to finish the new design for this website and update with some goodies.

Gosh, I am so excited. I can’t wait to bring this site alive again and there’s a couple of projects that I’m super anxious to start! I’m going to be opening commissions, having a personal blog (about my trip and life), re-organize my themes, UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE, with more tutorials and themes!

It’s been such a stressful year, I just want to be over~