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mawaru penguindrum

17 New Icons
Revised Tumblr Theme 10 (Dance with Death)

They’re not incredibly batches of icons. Just simple ones. Some of them are just random art and some of them are from the anime, Mawaru Penguindrum which is fabulous max! The art is beautiful, it’s fun and cute… it seems a bit childish and silly but it’s got some depth in it (stuff about fate, family, memories, destiny etc). I guess it’s not for everyone but it’s so well done and the soundtrack is phenomenal and THERE ARE PENGUINS IN IT!!!!! I’m only on episode 9 but it’s just so intriguing and fun to watch. Anyways, highly recommended!

AND HOLY SHIT I WATCHED SHERLOCK AND GUESS WHO IS OBSSESSED NOW? ME! *FANGIRL FREAK OUT* IT’S JUST TOO AWESOME! Yeah, sure, there’s gay subtext (which some people love) but the cinematography, character portrayals/ [acting], plot and dialogue is just bloody brilliant. There’s only 6 episodes (1.5hrs each) and gosh I was hooked. It’s a wonderfully modern adaption of the fiction (which I thoroughly enjoyed as a kid). HIGHLY recommended if you like mysteries and witty dialogue and smart characters.

Other than that, I’ve been busy working hard on school work! Wish me all the best in the coming midterms/exams!


going through the motions

26 New Icons
Revised Tumblr Theme 8 (Modern Romance)
2 new affiliates: nyxthea & colorbox

So I have a few things as updates. Nothing too major I guess. I took off some of my less popular themes, those will probably be recoded and updated. Some of my themes need a lot of revision and work. I also set up an email address specifically for Ettudis (admin@ettudis.three-words) so please direct any emails in that direction.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT I am really sorry that I haven’t been answering any questions about tumblr themes etc and there’s just so many emails I really can’t keep up with it. Therefore, please do a little bit of research on your own before you contact me. Meaning, google things up, look thoroughly through my theme tumblr, my website etc etc.

You DO NOT need to contact me if you’ve changed the background/font size/images of a tumblr theme. And I will NOT help with changing more than 2 things in a theme. Sorry, I just don’t have time at the moment. Anyways, I am deleting ALL of messages sent before today and if you have an urgent message that I have NOT responded to, please email me again.

I have also created a facebook page for Ettudis here

I am also thinking of opening commissions soon. I have the pages set up and everything (preview) but there are still some glitches I need to smoothen out. There’s been a lot of stuff on my mind, so I’m going to wait when my life is running smoother before I start taking commissions.