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my love is dead

Like the title says, this website is pretty much dead for now. I don’t have much inspiration for graphic-making or tumblr theme coding for the time being. And my new years resolution to get a 4.0GPA is not going to help in that aspect. But I probably will have momentary spouts of inspiration and hopefully, I’ll have time to update the site.

Anyways, the new layout and HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYBODY! It’s not particularly visually stunning (the header, I mean) but the overall design looks great, especially on big screens. What do you think?

So um, my brain is pretty much dead from all the coding difficulties. I’ll blog maybe tomorrow. Also, if you’re viewing this on google chrome, the scrolls are the calligraphy/brush arrows.  

Also, I swear, if I catch ANYONE using the same effect as the circle buttons I have on Ettudis, I will attack you with an axe because it would be too much of a “coincidence”. Sometimes when I come out with a cool link effect, people have a tendency to “be inspired by it” when obviously, it’s just outright copying *IS PARANOID* I don’t care what your excuse is, to me, it’s stealing ‘kay? And I have no tolerance for that, even if it was unintentional.



Sort-of busy, places to go, shopping to finish and things to do… sorry I haven’t updated this site in a while. But just wanted to let y’all know, I ain’t dead! A new layout and tons of new stuff is coming in 2012 so look forward to it!

change of site header
1 new psd

On another note, what do you guys think about me setting up a donation paypal button? It’d be nice if people could give me some financial support. I spend a lot of time into all this website business and people I know have been telling me “You do a seriously good job, why don’t you get people to pay you?” and I refused that idea because I’m an amateur, I’m not professional and I don’t feel like I should get people to pay me for my hobbies.

But finally, upon the insistence of my roommate, I AM considering the idea. I want to buy a domain for this website soon (and there’s no way my mom would pay for it) and I don’t really have much time for a job… nor will I have much success seeing as I’m not fluent in French and montreal jobs requires employees to be fluent in French and English.

Plus, our family is sort-of running short on money with the crazy high tuition and living expenses. Even a dollar or two of donations would be brilliant. What do you guys think? Do you guys support the idea?