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v19 spiral of fantasy

Hay thurrr, been very long since I last updated this site. Well, school has kept me very busy and dealing with HTML/CSS/FTP is such a hassle, thus I’ve been so lazy to do anything. I have made some new icons and a new tumblr theme. What do you guys think of this layout?

To find content, just hover over the image on the right bottom corner and a menu should appear. Or just click the menu link above the tagboard.

22 manga-style 100x100px icons
1 tumblr theme


“HELP! I can’t find your tumblr themes!

to all those who can’t find my themes…

I get these messages very often so let’s hope this post solves it once and for all… it’s not difficult to find them, I don’t think… but I don’t know why people can’t find them, maybe they’re not used to getting themes from graphic sites or my navigation menu is hard to find or… I dunno, my current menu is definitely much more straightforward than ones I’ve had in the past… so I don’t understand why it’s still so hard to find them!

Anyhow, let me break it down to its bare essentials:

1.  at the menu bar on the right, there is a label “graphics”, click it
2. it should then drop-down, and another label “tumblr themes”, click it
3. then, you should see a page that has a mini-view of this tumblr… SCROLL DOWN! And you should also see posts on 4. terms of use, an ask box, installation instructions and lastly…
5. tumblr themes!

Yes, they are at the bottom of the page, because you should read through this tumblelog, the terms of use, installation instructions and use the ask box should you have any questions, BEFORE you use my themes 😀 we cool? savvy?

PS. I know I have a whole bunch of comments/messages I haven’t replied to… I read them all! I just didn’t reply to them yet, so please wait! And thank you to all those who commented (in previous post) about the layout  <3