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A little into blurb here. Don't write more than two lines otherwise it will exceed maximum height. This layout was made on April 16, 2011 and is titled "Follow the White Rabbit"... yeah, long title but oh well...
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follow the white rabbit

designer's note: So, I decided to try my hand at making a layout featuring something asian-ish... like anime/manga. It turned out semi-good I guess. Love the textures and the drawing itself is pretty cute.. Originally wanted to use this as my ettudis ver. 12 layout. BUT, it really doesn't fit my style so I decided to release this as a premade! The coding was a bit difficult especially the text colours. Personally, I think this size font is good but if it's too small for you, feel free to adjust size. Do tell me though.

This layout doesn't really have a side bar. So fit your navigation links into the welcome blurb part and the affie links into that little box you see at the top.

Anyways, nothing else to say. Should've been studying for exams or something... but didn't.

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1. NO STEALING - you can take for your own use but keep the credits intact. In other words, do not claim as your own.
2. NO ALTERING - do not change any part of anything I have made EVEN if you left the credits intact. For website premades, this includes graphics and css. Furthermore, you CANNOT alter, then claim as your own.
3. TRY NOT TO HOTLINK - save and upload the images to your own host (photobucket, tinypic, imageshack... etc.) This does not apply to website premades.
4. if you are going to use any premades, please comment in the tagboard and leave a link to where you are using the layout
5. Do not use anything from this site for commercial purposes.
6. please and thank you.


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