may 28, 2009

I am fairly proud of this layout. It took me awhile to figure out what to do with the image because I loved it so much and I really wanted to do something with it and then I found a couple of these really cool tattoo-like vector-ish brushes and I was like ~ oh-cool! I want to use those and now I did and it's all gorgeous and everything. There's like a million brushes used in this. I have to say I considered using this for a version but I couldn't keep it to myself for a month or so. And the coding isn't too terrible I hope.  I made this image a while ago but never got around to coding it. I have to say I am more of a graphic/images maniac than a coding one. I am loving Smashing Pumpkins right now so check them out!  They're so effing awesome. And yeah... I've been into this crazy layout-making mode. I made a lot of headers (for layouts) lately... and I should probably go code them. Ah well. Be prepared for more coming your way. And because I am one of those people that hate imbalance, I'm going to post some disclaimer shiz so this column balances out with the other. And I suggest you put your cbox here if you don't blog (or fill this side up) much

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kiss and tell

title: beauty and the beast
made: may 28th '09




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