May 9th 2009

My gosh, I really haven't done any designing lately, but here you are. Another layout. At first, I was going for a more playful and retro look but I think it turned out more sleek and sophisticated than originally intended. I splattered the face with black paint because I thought the face looked ugly and wrinkly. The downside of the effect. I love the font though. It is the cutest thing ever. It took me awhile to figure out how I was going to make this work... it was originally a blend. The blend has the black band running vertically on the left instead of on the bottom. The text/lyric on the design, I made up myself but it may have snuck from some random song or well known phrase. It's cliched no? The coding was slightly harder because there is virtually no colour in this layout. So I tried my best to squeeze as much colour as possible (which basically only include shades of grey and coffee-brown). Coffee is good.


this layout design is copyrighted to Ans, owner of ettudis and pinksuite (now closed). Therefore, you are not allowed to steal/alter images or css stylesheets. you must always credit me. Failure to follow these rules will get your hands chopped off. 


me me me

title: Boy, Don't you know I love you?
made: may 10th '09


shoeshine coffee diamonds sneer


maximum width: 110px


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