september 6 2009

Originally was my graphic site (Pinksuite)'s version 9 layout. It's probably my second favourite layout I ever made for myself. I am really proud of it so I decided to share. Looking at this makes me want to take up graphic making again. Anyways, copy and paste the code into your web editor and remember to credit! Lyrics from Tarantula by smashing pumpkins. There was a time when I was super addicted to their music. I still love'em. xx. Ans


this layout design is copyrighted to Ans, owner of ettudis and pinksuite (now closed). Therefore, you are not allowed to steal/alter images or css stylesheets. you must always credit me. Failure to follow these rules will get your hands chopped off. 

works on mozilla firefox and internet explorer


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maximum width: 110

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title: we are the ruin
released: sept. 6, 2009

the end.

Layout Design by ettudis
content by ans