Quaero quero, latin for to seek, search for, is an extension of Ettudis that delineates the services available for clients who are in need of simple, classy and artsy designs for their website, organization posters or other requests etc.


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I spend a lot of time into my graphic website, I've been doing this for more than 2 years now and people I know have been telling me ďYou do a seriously good job, why donít you get people to pay you?Ē and I refused that idea because Iím an amateur, Iím not professional, heck, I'm not even an art student. I didnít feel like I should get people to pay me for my hobbies. But now, I've reached a point where I am starting to like the idea of filling serious requests of visitors who want customized designs.

Furthermore, the financial support that the commissioned work will give me will allow me to buy my own domain, donate to my host, Misaki, who has been tremendously helpful and contributed to a big part of Ettudis' development as well as buying resources I can incorporate into my designs.

With the opening of QQ, I hope to provide inexpensive, creative, aesthetic and functional designs. I am willing to work with my visitors until they are satisfied with what they're paying for and I am open to designing in styles and formats I'm not necessarily most familiar with.

about the designer

Alias: Ans
Age: 19 years old
Main webpage: Ettudis » http://ettudis.three-words.net
Mini Bio: I have been making graphics for 5 years now, and owning a graphics website for almost 3 years. I also paint and illustrate as art and design are a huge passion of mine. Graphics and web design has become a way for me to experience a different expression of art and share that with everyone. My style has really evolved over the years since I started graphic-making and it delights me to see others appreciating and using things I offer on my website. I hope to inspire other artists out there and continue to design graphics and provide resources to accomodate a wider audience.
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