Ettudis (n) A graphic site offering freebies ranging from website designs, tumblr themes to textures and other graphic resources.


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site name: Ettudis
owner: Ans » more about her here
ever since: November 27th, 2009
host: Misaki at three-words.net
sentiments: the site is purely a pastime for me. It's a way for me to experience a different expression of art and share that with everyone. My styles have really evolved over the years since I started graphic-making and it makes me really happy to see others appreciating and using things I offer on this site. I hope to inspire other artists out there and continue to design graphics and provide resources to accomodate a wider audience.

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Ettudis is essentially a french phrase "Et tu dis" jumbled together to form one word. Translated, it means "and you say..." The scenario goes something like a friend or lover, reflecting or thinkingly deeply about the words his/her friend or signifcant other has said. The idea is to ellicit a feeling of contemplation, wonder or perplexion at the thoughts of others. It doesn't really make much sense but I thought the word altogether looked really pretty and neat.


I started making graphics when I was 13; those were the years where I started reading online fiction and fanfiction and designing banners for those stories. Eventually, I moved on to learning HTML and CSS by myself when I was 15.

In 2007, Me and my friend, Mel, decided to open a graphic website previously known as PinkSuite which was hosted by Sarah at dumb- intelligence.net. We offered similar free resources as I am offering now here. After a while, Mel decided to leave because she just wasn't as interested in graphics anymore so it was just me left. Then, I ran into some server problems and I had to move. The girls at colour-theory.org offered to host me and I ecstatically accepted this new home.

Then, I decided to leave the graphics scene and closed down PinkSuite (and temporarily moved to livejournal). After about half a year, I missed making graphics so much that I decided to re-open. I found a new name for my site and the C-T staff were kind enough to accept me as a hostee again. Thus Ettudis opened on november 27th, 2009. Then, in March 2011, due to personal reasons, I decided to change hosts to Three-Words.Netso voilà, here you have it!

past looks

I have only kept records of the designs after version 6.
Version 11 is unavailable due to difficulty of coding (I was not able to put it into image preview form)

version 6 [a phenomena]

version 7 [last of days]

version 8 [in the dark morning]

version 9 [emptiness]

version 9.5 [drifting]

version 10 [three words]

version 12 [in that innocent state]

version 13 [break your mind]

version 9.5 [drifting]

version 10 [three words]

version 14 [feast on the moon]

version 15 [all my heart]

version 16 [remedy for love]

version 17

version 18 [come back to me]

version 19 [spiral of fantasy]

version 20 [love is dead]